Summer The Season of The Fire Element

Summer The Season of The Fire Element

All plants and animals have cells that are biologically programmed  by an internal rhythm, the rhythm of the seasons. We have an internal biological clock that allows us to sleep and wake by the rise and fall of the sun. In the past, we ate in season, planted by the seasons because we had no choice.We were connected to nature. We were, for the most part, stronger and healthier. Physicians that pay attention to this rhythm and treat their patients proactively, not reactively practice “Smart Medicine”, Preventative Medicine. The Barefoot Doctors in the mid 1940’s practiced preventative medicine. The were paid only when the patient was kept well.When the patient became ill they were not paid until the patient was well again.  How would that go over today in 2013?

Summer is associated with the Fire Element.We should change our diets to diets that contain plenty of fruits and vegetables. We should avoid heavy nut oils and meat.The typical American summer diet is centered around grilling red meat, chicken and burgers.Sugar and fat are typical in our diets during the summer months. Ice cream, salads with mayo and chips are all processed and easy, quick food and all cause inflammation in the body. Which brings me to the topic of “The Slow Burn”, inflammation. Inflammation is caused by processed food, the “anti-whole food”. Summer is the season of inflammation, specifically in our joints and blood vessels. We need to cool this inflammation and we do it by consuming Omega 3 in the form of flax seed, fish oil or chia seeds. There are certain herbs that cool the inflammation in our joints and blood vessels. Cayenne peppers heat and cleanse the blood according to Chinese medicine.  1/2 teaspoon of cayenne in 6 oz of water taken twice a day is a good practice.Topical cream containing capsaicin  also helps with joint inflammation. Ginger tea, homemade by pouring hot  water over several  slices from the ginger  root  can calm stomach inflammation and cool the entire body. Try drinking ginger tea hot or iced several times a day. Other cooling herbs are peppermint, hibiscus flower sorrel and valerian root. Stiff joints need warmth and movement.  We all know exercise is good for the heart but it is also good for the joints. Ever sit in a chair or car for an extended period of time and try to get up?  The heart needs exercise to stay strong and summer and fall are great times to  GET OUT THERE AND MOVE. I recommend keeping your joints warm in the winter covered with a nice wool throw while you are sitting and walking when you can to kept the fluids in your joints moving. Try bromalain from pineapple in capsule form ,along with a good quality Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil and Curcumin in capsule form  each twice a day to reduce the inflammation. Avoid processed food, eat only good quality meat and chicken and eat them sparingly.  Avoid sugar as much as possible. SUGAR is the  WORST cause of inflammation. Most importantly… MOVE . . Your heart and joints will love you for it.



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