Get Out There And Walk!

Get Out There And Walk!

Walking outside is very different from walking on a treadmill while watching television, the news or your favorite sitcom. Walking with a friend is even better because you build relationships, support each other, share the events of the day and hold each other accountable. We call walking outside, “green exercise”, and it has been shown to be reduce stress and is more beneficial than indoor exercise.

When you walk outside in the nice weather, you get a dose of Vitamin D, reconnect with nature and use all of your senses. Exercising your senses as well as your muscles is important to well being. Stopping to listen to a gurgling brook rinses away the stress of the day.When we walk we look for new flowers, salamanders and watch the clouds for weather changes. We feel the difference when we walk from a dirt road onto a paved road and smile when the cows we pass moo as if in greeting (sometimes Audrey engages them in conversation!).

Too many of us spend much of our time off the ground riding in cars, sitting in chairs in an office several floors above the earth. We rarely feel the earth under our feet anymore.

Listening to the rhythm of your feet as they move down a dirt road, walking barefoot through the grass in a meadow or stepping in a puddle…all connect us to the earth. Contrast that with staying inside on a sunny day pounding out the miles on a treadmill while watching television, using electricity to provide an exercise environment when there is a better environment right outside!

While it is true that not everyday is perfect for walking, take advantage of the days that are and get outside, reconnect with the earth and put a few miles behind you!





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