Boucher Family Farm

Boucher Family Farm

We visited Boucher Family Farm on Saturday. It was a blustery snowy day and we drove right past the farm driveway and were headed to Canada! We finally got oriented, turned around and found ourselves in front of the farm’s cheese house. No one was there and so we entered a very quiet building. Down the hall to the right sat a small refrigerator, humming in the corner. We were not sure we were in the right place until we opened the refrigerator and saw the cheese. The cheese is sold on the honor system and so we selected a few cheeses and returned to the car. No sooner had the car door closed than we started trying the cheese! Which meant we had to go back in and buy more cheese! To have a local farm producing such wonderful cheeses right in our backyard is truly a delight.

Boucher Family Farm has several Blue cheeses including Gore Dawn Zola, Boucher Blue and Madison. We also tried Tomme Collins, an alpine slicing and grating cheese.



Boucher Family Farm is located in Highgate, Vt. It is only a short distance from Route 89 which makes it very easy to visit. Thanks to Jori and Lisa for telling us about the farm and the cheese!

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