Willow Moon Farm

Willow Moon Farm

As some of you may know, I raised Angora goats for many years. At this time of year, in barns around Vermont, it is kidding and lambing season. There is nothing like the joy and curiosity of a new born goat kid. It was a cold day Saturday, what better time to get our kid fix, fixed!

So, on Saturday morning, we visited Willow Moon Farm in Plainfield Vermont. Willow Moon Farm is just a short distance from Montpelier and was easy to find. We were met by Sharon Peck who along with her daughter Kim Ingrahm, run the farm. Kim is the cheesemaker and Sharon milks the goats and cares for the herd.

We were greeted by orderly ducks on their way to somewhere very important!

ducks in a row


Willow Moon Farm makes goat milk and cow milk cheese. We spent a hour and a half learning about the farm and taking pictures.  After we met all the goats, we returned to the honor system retail shop and purchased some wonderful cheese, among them Golden Wedding, Tordera and hands down our favorite, a very ripe Stephanie which we ate on a french baguette and finished with a good glass of Malbec. What a great way to end the day! We also purchased cajeta, goat milk caramel sauce, omg!

Willow Moon Farm raises and milks Nigerian Dwarf Goats, known for their rich milk (high in butterfat) and big udders! The goats of Willow Moon Farm are always under the watchful eyes of their two Great Pyrenees protectors.

pyr watching

The farm welcomes visitors. What a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids or grandkids, learning about and eating magnificent cheese. Tell them we sent you and don’t forget to give them our regards!


We believe that small farms such as this can only prosper if we show support, sample and buy the products made by our neighbors and friends. Part of the Pondermountain mission is to promote these farms and help build community. Show your support and visit a local farm today!

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