The Wise Old Woman On the Mountain

The Wise Old Woman On the Mountain
 Many years ago, there lived a wise old woman who was known for providing sage advice to men and women who had lost their way along life’s path. The dispirited and disheartened came to her from miles away and the journey was not easy. She lived along a narrow mountain ridge in a small house accessed by a single path that lead to her door.It was said that those who entered, departed  changed forever. What no one knew though,no matter what the problem, the wise old woman only asked one of four questions of anyone who visited.
When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being captivated and delighted by stories?
When did you stop finding solace in the embrace of silence?
In short, when did you stop being filled with wonder?
sam jumps
Most of us were told many times to stop being childish…and we listened.  It is never to late to regain what we lost, the child in us.
Story adapted from a quote by Gabrielle Roth.

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