Have You Ever Heard About the Marsden Farm?

Have You Ever Heard About the Marsden Farm?

Have you ever heard of the Marsden Farm? Me either, until I read this article by Mark Bittman in the New York Times.

By increasing the rotation and diversity of crops, the Marsden Farm in Iowa was able to increase yields and decrease chemical use. The labor cost was greater, but the saving realized by the decrease in chemicals made up for the increased labor costs. The profit was the same when compared to the conventional high chemical use plot.

Let’s put this in context. This eight year study documents that farmers can create jobs, decrease chemical use, reduce energy costs and still maintain the same level of profit. Pesticides are still used, but only when necessary and in far smaller amounts.

The Marsden Farm study points the way to the future by using a blend of organic and industrial farming methods.

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Food is medicine. Chemically tainted food is bad medicine.  When you are chatting at the water cooler tomorrow, be bold  and start a conversation…”Have you ever heard about Marsden Farm?”

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