Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic Walking Poles



John and Audrey have walked over 4,000 miles and half of that was using Leki Nordic Walking poles. You burn about 40% more calories, take 20% of the load off of your knees and walk at a speed of about 4 mph, making the time you exercise more efficient.  The poles have been used in Europe and Scandinavian countries for years.

Walking poles differ from hiking or trekking poles in that they have a glove that allows you to loosely grip the pole to ensure a more natural walking style. The poles also have a rubber foot shaped like a deer hoof which helps grip the road and propel you forward. On Leki poles, the rubber tip can be removed to make use of a carbide tip which grips well in ice and snow.

Another advantage to walking poles is that they provide a more stable base for walking, especially for those who are just returning to exercise or rehabilitating from an injury. There is more stability with four legs than two!

Nordic walking poles provide an exercise benefit for all ages and ability levels. You can walk briskly down a dirt road or find a road with many hills and do interval training.

Pondermountain is an authorized dealer for Leki poles. We regularly offer beginner Nordic Walking classes, please contact us through the website if you are interested in signing up for a walking class demonstration or purchasing Nordic poles.



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