Whole Food-What’s New?

Whole Food-What’s New?

Whole foods are nothing new. That whole foods are healthy is nothing new. What is new is that we now know why whole foods are healthy. We now know why food is medicine.

Whole foods communicate with your DNA. Eating whole foods has a positive effect on gene expression.

We used to believe that we were stuck with whatever genetics our parents or grandparents gave us. Now we know that the food we eat, can alter the story that our genes will tell. While it is true that our individual genetics may predispose us to particular risks, we can shift the odds in our favor by choosing wisely the foods we eat. That is not a hunch. It is a fact. Scientists are able to tag genes and track their expression or how they respond to different nutrients in food.

No longer do you simply have to swallow (pun intended) that whole foods are healthy. Now we know why. Is that cool.. or what?

Processed foods are not healthy. Our bodies are set up to ingest, metabolize and excrete whole food. If you think of your body as a petrie dish, adding whole foods to the agar will culture flowers. Adding processed food will culture weeds and the weeds take the form of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other unwanted diseases.

The goal of eating properly is to create an environment in which diseases such as type 2 diabetes cannot thrive and instead, wither away.

The goal of eating properly is to create an environment in which your genes express themselves in such a way that your genetic risk factors are diminished.

The goal of eating properly is to live long…and prosper.






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